Cultivating Kansas

Combine harvests sorghum at the Agricultural Research Center-Hays

Cultivating Kansas


Rooted in western Kansas

We collaborate to address the unique challenges in agriculture and natural resources, youth development, and health specific to the people of western Kansas.


A summer field dat at Colby, Kansas.

Preliminary results of research at the WKREC locations

Photo of a John Deere Combine harvesting grain sorghum at the Agricultural Research Center-Hays

Uniquely positioned to address the challenges of western

Photo of a KSRE Extension Specialist and two additional women reading food product lables

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child eating a healthy snackLinking education with life experiences to help people improve their lives, their families, and their communities

K-State Research and Extension prioritizes the holistic wellness of Kansas communities, addressing physical, mental, financial, and social aspects with Family and Consumer Sciences FCS. Through programs spanning stress management, physical activity, nutrition, family finances, civic engagement,and more, we empower individuals to lead healthier lives, fostering happier and more resilient communities.

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boy showing beefPart of the K-State Research and Extension Network

The WKREC team works to tackle western Kansas's most pressing issues– creating stronger, more resilient food and fiber systems, and rural communities. We partner with county and distribt extension offices to deliver solutions driven by research and hands-on education.
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photo of two farmers in a fieldK-State Research and Extension Solutions at your fingertips

K-State Research and Extension experts collaborate on a wide range of solutions— mobile apps, calendars, calculators, and databases— designed to help answer the tough agricultural challenges and questions Kansans face.

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photo of an irrigation sprinkler head

KSU-TAPS (Testing Ag Performance Solutions)

Testing Ag Performance Solutions is a real-world farming contest where competitors will put their skills and cutting edge technology to work in competition for top prizes and the distinction of being the "most profitable", "most input-use effienct", and "highest grain yield" in a limited irrigation scenario.

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photo of an irrigation pivot

K-State Mobile Irrigation Lab

This Mobile Irrigation Lab provides free software and media downloads, technical bulletins and links to other useful resources to assist in irrigation management and cropping system strategies. It's your one-stop-shop for watern and irrigation resources in western Kansas.

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Photo of a 4-h youth working on electronics

K-State 4-H Youth Development

Discover the transformative impact of 4-H in Western Kansas! 4-H empowers youth with invaluable skills and experiences, shaping future leaders and fostering a spirit of service and innovation. Explore how Kansas 4-H is making a difference in the lives of young people across our region.

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photo of two women standing in a wheat field

KSRE Stress and Resiliency Team

Explore our the KSRE Stress and Resiliency Team website (extermal link), dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and resilience in rural communities. We're committed to nurturing not only agricultural vitality in western Kansas but also the well-being of individuals, families, and communities, addressing the crucial intersection of mental, physical, family, and financial health.

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photo of wheat seed

K-State Foundation Seed

Did you know that over 80% of the wheat acres grown in the U.S. have some tie back to Kansas State University? For more than 60 years, the Kansas Foundation Seed Project has made foundation seed of public varieties available. The project has expanded to include wheat, soybeans, and canola.

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We're investing in the future, with groundbreaking interdisciplinary ideas that generate positive impacts for Kansas.